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Amy’s Night Of The Living Blog

Jul 10, 2005

I knew it would happen – it was just a matter of time.  Amy’s blog finally ate her brain.  It’s 4:30pm and she’s in her bathrobe continuing to work on her blog.  Amy’s a writer and it’s fun to watch her get completely absorbed by something.

In particular, I love it when she jumps up and down and rants at stuff.  She usually does this in close proximity to something she’s reading, especially the NY Times.  Today she wrote about a quote from Evelyn Husband and an editorial from Salman Rushdie.  And yes – she was jumping up and down and screaming rude things when she told me about it – she moderated herself for her blog.

In addition to being willing to talk about politics and current events (something I rarely express an opinion on other than to hand out copied of Atlas Shrugged to people), she’s a much better photographer than me.  If you want to get a feel for our place in Homer, check out her Alaska 2005 pictures.  Moose or gulls anyone?

P.S. If you are too lazy to read Atlas Shrugged, try the Atlas Shrugged (Cliffs Notes).  Yo – Amy! – time to go for a run on the Homer Spit.