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Book Review: Extremly Loud & Incredibly Close

Jul 11, 2005
Category Books

If you like to read, think, or even breathe, you must read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  After Amy finished it the other night, she told me it the was best book she had read this year (and she reads more than I do.)  I think she was being understated. 

I’m sitting here looking at the ocean and the mountains in the late evening Alaska dusk.  When I think about 9/11, or the recent London Bombings, or any number of other tragedies that humans perpetrate on each other, I am grateful to be alive and relatively sane.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and, most importantly – you’ll feel – as you read this book.

The author, Jonathan Safran Foer, is a literary genius.  And – he’s young – so hopefully he’s got plenty more where this came from.  Wow.  Between Foer, Rawicz, and Frey, I’ve had an awesome summer of reading so far.