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Book Review: Killing Rain

Jul 26, 2005
Category Books

Killing Rain by Barry Eisler was dynamite.  I continue to make one step forward and two steps backward through my shelves of unread books (Amazon delivers more than I consume.)  After every few books I resort to pure mental floss – Eisler’s series on assassin John Rain is spectacular summer reading. 

When Killing Rain showed up via Dan the UPS Man, Amy grabbed it and wouldn’t give it up until she finished it.  It’s the fourth book in the series – if you haven’t read the others, you must start with Rain Fall, the first in the series.  The flyleaf review from Entertainment Weekly – usually shoddy stuff – is very accurate this time:

If Quentin Tarantino ever got to take a crack at the James Bond franchise, chances are the resulting film would resemble one of Eisler’s novels about John Rain.  [Rain] is the stuff great characters are made of.”

Great stuff.  Dad / Ed – don’t both buying copies – they are on their way to you.