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Denver Post News Hound

Jul 20, 2005
Category Investments

In the spring, NewsGator announced its Media Platform and a deal with the Denver Post.  Today, the released News Hound, their private-label RSS reader built on top of the NewsGator Media Platform.  We’ve got a bunch of other media deals in the works, but this is the first one to ship.  While News Hound is a standalone client (which the Denver Post wanted, vs. a web-based client), the integration with the overall platform (e.g. the NewsGator Media Platform) enables either a standalone client or a web-based client, or both.

Download News Hound and give it a whirl.  We’d love feedback on it in an effort to make it “easier” for the mainstream user to read RSS content, especially around tightly defined local content (e.g. The Denver Post in this case).