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Do You Develop Software For A Living? – Get Agile with Rally Release 5

Jul 21, 2005
Category Investments

I’m proud of all the companies I invest in, but I’m especially proud of the ones that just crank up the volume and get it done, especially in markets that other VCs say “eh – boring.”  Rally Software is one of these – I’ve been an investor since it was started a couple of years ago and am having a great time watching Tim Miller, Ryan Martens, Don Hazell, and team create a business from scratch.  Tim, Ryan, and Don all had a tenure at BEA and their experience and seasoning shows in everything they do.

Agile software development has gotten plenty of play over the past few years.  Rally is at the forefront of this trend – providing an on-demand software product for Agile development teams along with a broad range of consulting services for Agile development.  This week they announced Release 5 of their product, a web services API for integration with customer management systems, integration / Sforce Ecosystem authorization, and a formal partner program

Serious software development companies such as BMC, Intuit, Novell, Webroot, and CNet are now using Rally’s products as a core part of their software development cycle.  While I acknowledge my role in this play as an advertisement for Rally (I’m proud of my companies, but also shameless), if you develop software for a living (even if you aren’t currently using Agile methodologies), I encourage you to take a serious look.