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FeedBurner Solved Amy’s Atom 1.0 Problem

Jul 25, 2005
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So, earlier tonight, I turned to Amy with a twinkle in my eye and watched as she stared intently at something that looked suspiciously like Typepad on her monitor.  The following conversation ensued:

Brad: “Hey, Atom 1.0 is out.”
Amy: “Adam Who?”
Brad: “Atom 1.0 – the new feed format.”
Amy: “I thought that was RSS.”
Brad: “Yeah, yeah, there’s this other format called Atom that … (long unnecessary technical explanation followed).”
Amy: “Uh huhnnnhh”
Brad: “Stop playing with your blog – this is important.”
Amy: “So – what does it mean – what do I have to do differently?”
Brad: “Heheh – nothing – because you use FeedBurner and they automagically will format your feed for Atom 1.0 if it makes sense.”
Amy: “Brad – you are such a nerd.” (As she continued typing on her computer).

I was a little surprised she didn’t say “What was wrong with the last version of Atom?” – this from a woman who regularly says “Damnit – DOS was good enough – why doesn’t Shift-F7 Y exit Word?”