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Movie of The Week: The Longest Yard

Jul 08, 2005

One of the treasures of Homer is our local movie theater.  It’s located on the corner of Pioneer and Main (how fitting) and is an old single seating theater.  We get two movies a week with three showings a day (3, 6, and 8:30).  The movies change every Friday so there’s a moment of excitement late Thursday night or early Friday when we drive (or run, or walk) by the marquis after the movie change.  The popcorn is fresh and parmesan cheese is 25 cents extra.

Last week’s movies were Star Wars III and The Longest Yard.  I punted Star Wars III since I’d already seen it in Boulder (and once was enough for this one – how disappointing) so Don and I went to The Longest Yard last night (gotta get it done by Thursday or you’re hosed).  The girls (Amy and Christine) had no interest so they stayed home and played with dolls or something.

Adam Sandler’s remake of the 1974 Burt Reynolds original version was great.  It got predictably lousy reviews, but that’s just because the reviewers don’t appreciate the artistry of a repressed Jewish comedian in jail pretending that he is an ex-NFL superstar who got busted for shaving points, turned into a loser, and got tossed in jail for drunk driving. Sore stomach’s from 25 belly laughs and a pair of big smiles greeted Amy and Christine at Cafe Cups for dinner after the movie.

Tonight’s movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith which we’ve already seen, but tonight is a 6pm movie night, so we’ll get to enjoy my namesake demonstrating some studly behavior while fantasizing about his girlfriend / movie-wife.