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Programming Summer School – Day 1

Jul 02, 2005
Category Technology

I started my summer school program today.  Yeah – I know it’s Saturday – but so what.  I turned off my email (eek) and settled into an hour of Brian Harvey’s Computer Science Logo Style.

I’d already read the first two chapters (Exploration and Procedures) so after downloading Berkeley Logo 5.4 I fiddled around with some of the examples that I was struggling to parse without playing around with them, such as:

print word word last “awful first butfirst “computer first [go to the store, please.]

Chapter 3 was descriptively titled “Variables.”  I took a little detour as I figured out how to change my editor to notepad2.exe (seteditor “n.exe after I renamed notepad2 to n and put it in the ucblogo director – DOS path hell, ugh – boy what an emotional victory to get that working.)

Well – my hour is up.  Boy – that went fast.  Time to go running.  Bye.