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FeedBlitz – Feed Delivery Via Email

Aug 23, 2005
Category Technology

Matt Blumberg posted about his switch to FeedBlitz the other day (from Bloglet).  If you receive my blog via email, you’ll notice that you are now receiving it via FeedBlitz also (instead of Bloglet).

After my post on Blog Analytics describing the various technologies that I’m using on my blog, I received an email from Phil Hollows, the guy behind FeedBlitz, suggesting that I give it a try. I’ve been frustrated with Bloglet for a while (it’s up, it’s down, it’s up, it’s down), I’ve received several other “try my RSS to email” delivery services, and we’ve been talking about the best way to incorporate this capability into FeedBurner (partner, acquire, engineer ourselves) so my brain was open to trying a new service. 

Phil brilliantly pointed out that he had built a seamless data migration from Bloglet which was my biggest barrier to trying something new (e.g. what a pain it would be to tell everyone “hey – please switch by resubscribing” and – while I could get at my data within Bloglet – it was a manual process that would probably take me an hour to deal with.  However, FeedBlitz handled it automagically as part of my setup and within 5 minutes I was switched (as were you if you are reading this via email). 

I turned Matt (and a few other Bloglet users who I expect will be switching soon) onto FeedBlitz and Phil and let it run for a few days.  In addition to being super-responsive, Phil has integrated FeedBlitz into FeedBurner, so my FeedBlitz stats are now included in my FeedBurner stats and all the fun stuff I put in my FeedBurner feed (more coming soon) is including in FeedBlitz.

Nicely done Phil – you got me.  Tom Bartel saw Matt’s post and switched also.  We keep on sneezing.