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I Don’t Like Mondays

Aug 08, 2005
Category Places

Bob Geldof is echoing through my head.  It was one of those days – it didn’t help that I overdid it yesterday on my run up and down Homer Hill (and am still feeling weird 24 hours later from 90 minutes of too much hill.)  At least I have a pretty pictures to look at.  Here are your Alaska photos of the day.

(Blackstone Glacier and some very happy looking sea otters that didn’t realize that Monday’s happen – courtesy of Dave Jilk.) 

The Homer, Alaska sunset is on the left; the Maine sunset (where Seth Levine – who works with me – is on vacation right now) is on the right.  How’s that for a bi-coastal blog – Seth decided to go on vacation about as far away from me as he could get and still be in the United States. 

It’s almost Tuesday.