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Infinite Book

Aug 08, 2005
Category Books

I have my wife back.  Amy has been lost in a tome (1079 pages) called Infinite Jest (by David Foster Wallace) for the past 10 days (about nine days longer than it takes her to read a typical book.)  Our friend Matt Blumberg referred to it recently as “Infinite Book” – that says it all.  By Saturday evening, Amy was reduced to continuously muttering words I didn’t know the definitions of while repeating “David Foster Wallace is a genius” over and over again.  Tonight she wrote up an Infinite Post on the book – if you want to expand your vocabulary, are a reader, philosopher, wordsmith, linguist, grammarian, high school spelling bee champion, or just generally nuts, wander over to her post on the subject: “Infinite Jest: Victory.”  Of course, in the spirit of this book, she has several other posts up already about it including “Infinite Jest: Prolix” (what the hell is a “prolix”?) and “Infinite Jest: Biting Off a Big One.”  Damn – it’s still almost Tuesday.