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Nike Sport Headphones – Toy of the Month

Aug 05, 2005
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After watching my Roomba’s play with each other I was hopeful that I’d come across something that inspired and excited me as much as a robotic vacuum cleaner for this month’s toy of the month.  While my friend Jeff Hyman, Dyson’s VP of Marketing, sent me (actually, he sent Amy) the most amazing vacuum cleaner I’ve ever encountered (the Dyson DC15), I felt there must be some unwritten rule that I couldn’t choose a vacuum cleaner as toy of the month two months in a row (or someone might make fun of me), so I’ll reserve the detailed post on the Dyson DC15 for later, but you can be comfortable knowing that we set it up, plugged it in, and then proceeded to chase the Roomba’s around the room with it.

This month’s toy is something I used 15 times (each time I went for a run) – a set of Nike SB HJ020 Lightweight Sport Headphones.  I’ve fallen in love with running with my iPod Shuffle (ah – the podcast revolution has finally caught up with me) but the stupid white trendy headphones that Apple supplies kept falling out of my ears.  On a whim, I bought a pair of Nike sport headphones; they are simply awesome.  I know I’m in headphone heaven if – after a two hour run – I’ve forgotten they are in my ears.  If you are a serious runner or biker and you like to listen to music while you do your thing, you must try these.

A few blog readers sent me some toys to play with (a nice surprise – thanks!)  The first one was a Flash Flight – a “light-up” frisbee.  Very cool, and sure to mystify my dogs when I return to Boulder.  The company that makes them is Niteize (based in Boulder) – they make a bunch of neat flashlight, lights, frisbees, and light up products.  The other was a set of Plantronics DP-500 headphones – they’ll get a good workout next month on Skype and I’ll report back later.  If you feel compelled to send – or recommend – a toy to me – I’m all ears (with headphones inserted at appropriate times.)