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Microsoft Emerging Business Team (EBT) Blogging

Oct 15, 2005

Today must be my day to catch up on “friends blogging.”  I was at Microsoft earlier this week for my three times a year “Microsoft Emerging Business Team (EBT) technical advisory meeting (my co-conspirators were Scott Maxwell – Insight, Chris Pacitti – Austin Ventures, and Vladimir Jacimovic – NEA).  We had a great (and very fun) meeting.

If you are running a startup company that uses any Microsoft technology, you should know about EBT and the other Microsoft programs for early stage companies such as Empower and the Microsoft Partner Programs.  In addition, several of the EBT members are now blogging regularly, including Cliff Reeves, Don Dodge, and Sam Ramji.

While the irony that they are all using Typepad is not lost on me (or them), their blogs are outstanding resources to get insight into how Microsoft thinks about partners, how EBT works, and other things these guys are thinking about.  All of them are well worth the time if you touch the Microsoft ecosystem in any way.