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Obsessive New York Art

Oct 05, 2005

A trip to New York isn’t complete without art.  Amy and I managed to squeeze in The Met (mostly modern stuff), the Guggenheim (Russia – top two floors were great, Malevich and Kandinsky are total stars, the rest was portraits of peasants, workers, farmers, and royals), and galleries in Chelsea last weekend.

Chelsea disappointed in a major way this trip.  We did 23rd to 25th street and had high hopes.  I only really liked two artists – Chris Jordan and Danica Phelps.  Both do crazy obsessive stuff (which massively appeals to me) while maintaining a supremely deft touch with their subject.  Maddeningly, the two Jordan’s that I wanted to buy (Circuit Board 1, Circuit Board 2), were both sold.

The best line of the day – alone on a large canvas – was by Robert Price at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery: The way she looks in the morning! She ran after the garbage man and said, “Am I too late for the garbage?” He said, “No, jump in.” …

After about 20 galleries, I felt like I had enough data to make the pronouncement to Amy that “Apple is the dominant IT supplier to the New York Gallery market.”  It was wild to see iMac after iMac after iMac at each gallery.  Amy was not impressed by my powers of observation.