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Verizon BroadBand Access – Incredible

Oct 13, 2005
Category Technology

I got a Verizon BroadBand Access card (formerly known as “EVDO”) 12 days ago.  I’ve been on the road non-stop since then.  I can’t imagine life without it.  As I sit in the Seattle airport waiting for the redeye to Boston, I haven’t had to sign up for Internet, struggle with any weird logins, wander to another part of the terminal to try to get T-mobile, or anything else.  It’s flawless – fast – totally effective – and trivial to deal with.  I’ve already saved the monthly subscription fee ($60) through not having to pay $10 / night for Internet access in my hotel rooms and I’ve managed to squeeze in some online time at random spots waiting for things (e.g. the 15 minutes I had to wait for a cab at Microsoft today).

Now, if I could just get my bluetooth headset to work with my laptop and Skype I’d be in geek heaven.