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invisibleSHIELD – iPod Nano Full Body Protector

Nov 10, 2005
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Ross (and everyone else that has one) appears to love their Nano’s but they have this little annoying “scratching problem.” I’m trying to encourage Ross to stop playing with his Nano long enough to play with something new, but so far I’ve failed.  He has, however, found a solution to that scratching thing.

As you all know I recently got an iPod Nano. As you also probably know from my review the iPod Nano has had some rather bad screen scratching issues. After getting some feedback from users on the invisibleSHIELD line of protectors I decided that I’d give them a try. I’m very glad that I did.

While other protectors look cool (some with cartoon characters on them) this one seemed to get better reviews. I assumed it would work like many of the other “stick-on” protectors where you peel the film off and have to be careful to stick it on without any air bubbles.  I wrong (and pleasantly surprised).  While it’s very hard to apply it, once you get it on it is well worth the effort. Take a look at the videos demonstrating the material – it’s actually the same material that is used for clear bras on cars.

Once you get it on the Nano (it took me about 30 minutes) you have to let it dry overnight so the glue sets. Once it’s dry, it’s virtually invisible.  It does make the Nano a little less smooth – which really is a good thing since it was hard to use the jog wheel when it was that slick anyway. I’ve shown it to several friends and no one could tell the protector was on it until I pointed it out.  If you have, or are planning to get, a Nano (or any other iPod for that matter) get one of these to go with it.

Dear Ross – ok – I’m protected – now give me something new and exciting to play with.