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The Night of the Living Hack

Nov 15, 2005
Category Investments

FeedBurner just completed its second hackathon.  Eight hours of focused hacking generated the following features:

  1. PodMedic: podcast cleanup tool
  2. Subscribe to FeedBulletin via Email
  3. Reporting Exporting: Get your reports into Excel or CSV
  4. Self-Help Error Messages: Cryptic error messages no more
  5. More Splice Options: Stock tickers turned into meta-data, My Web 2.0, Digg, and Webshots
  6. FuenteClara: FeedBurner in Spanish
  7. Excel Stats: Get all your FeedBurner data into Excel
  8. StatsTracker Konfabulator Widget: In case you are stats obsessed

Eight hours, eight new features into production.  Nice job guys.