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Google, Microsoft, AOL, and King Kong

Dec 19, 2005
Category Random

I’ve been closely watching the saga of AOL’s dance with Microsoft and Google as it’s akin to seeing an aging quarterback take the field during the playoffs and charge down the field one last time (sorry for the football analogy – there was a lot of it on TV yesterday.)  As the clock on this deal runs out, it looks like the deal is going to go to Google.  The best analysis of this – by far – is from the Googlepark episode “The Battle for AOL.”

In case you were wondering about the new category “AGILEAMY”, it’s for news and thoughts on the following companies: Aol, Google, Iac, Liberty, Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo.  I figured this was an acronym that could actually be pronounced (vs. GAAMEILY or YIEMALAG) – plus it’s named after my wife.