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Niel Robertson – New CTO Blogger

Dec 06, 2005

In the past, I’ve written about several of my CTO friends who are bloggers.  Niel Robertson, the CTO / co-founder of Newmerix – now joins their ranks with his new blog titled Parallax: Calculating Technology’s Future

I first met Niel in 1995 in Cambridge, MA.  He was an early employee of net.Genesis (I was the chairman, Raj Bhargava was the CEO / co-founder.)  A year or so after Raj left net.Genesis, he connected with Niel and started working on a new idea.  They cooked up the business that became Service Metrics, which I helped fund in 1998 and was then acquired by Exodus for $280 million in 1999.  I fondly recall Niel bitching about having to move to Boulder from Boston (“Boston is so much better”) – Raj said the same type of thing; they both happily live in Boulder now (although they each occasionally go visit Boston to play and presumably get stuck in traffic.)

After Niel left Exodus, he joined Mobius as an entrepreneur-in-residence and started working on a set of new ideas around IT Management.  This ultimately turned into Newmerix, which I happily provided the first round of financing for (with IDG Ventures, who was our early co-investor in Service Metrics.) 

Niel is an essay writer (he calls his posts “blarticles”), so expect periodic long, thoughtful pieces that are worth sitting quietly and reading.