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Outlook Map Display

Dec 18, 2005
Category Technology

In the category of “duh – that’s been there for a while”, I got a nice tip from TheOfficeWeblog about Outlook’s ability to automatically generate a map from an address.  As a member of the “endlessly directionally impaired” category of humans, I’m lost without either a GPS or driving directions.  Stupidly, my VW Touareg doesn’t have a GPS in it and even though Garmin could make my life easier, I’ve been irrationally stubborn about buying a GPS from them.  While and are spiffy and nice, it’s always annoyed me that I had to enter the address manually from my address book.  Voila – go to Outlook, bring up the contact in question, and click on the little yellow arrow on the standard toolbar.  This is a simple, but nice, demonstration of integrating Office with a webapp.