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Were You Around When The Internet Bubble Peaked?

Dec 09, 2005
Category Books

Tom Evslin’s brilliant blook is grinding through the April 1, 2000 – June 30, 2000 time frame.  If you were an executive at a company during Q200 you’ve got to read Chapter 9 as part of a sick, twisted reminder of what was going on.  Today’s (and yesterday’s) episodes are the first of the “exec meetings from hell” where the public company realizes it is going to miss it’s numbers in Q200.

The entire blook – soon to be released as a book – is phenomenal and getting better chapter by chapter.  If you are a reader, give the whole thing a try.  Tom lived this stuff at ITXC and has done an awesome job of capturing the backdrop while incorporating the sex and violence we all expect from a contemporary murder mystery.