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Ben Casnocha In USA Today

Jan 19, 2006

USA Today has a great profile up of Ben Casnocha.  Having known Ben for a couple of years, it’s an accurate (and inspiring) profile of him rather than an overreaching ego puff piece.  If you don’t know Ben, he’s a remarkable young man who writes prolifically on his blog about his thoughts, life, ideas and experiences and a teenager, entrepreneur, and thinker.

I was first introduced to Ben by Greg Prow.  Greg pulled me aside one day and said “hey Brad – you’ve got to meet this kid – he makes me think of what I bet you were like as a teenager.”  I responded that I hoped this wasn’t true for Ben’s parents’ sake, but that I’d be happy to get together with him.  We had our first meeting a month or so later – which was a presentation on Comcate (Ben’s company). 

While I wasn’t motivated to pull out my checkbook and fund Comcate, I started a dialogue with Ben that has evolved into a really nice friendship.  I look forward to knowing him for a long time.