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I Figured Out The Strategy Behind Google Pack

Jan 07, 2006
Category Random

Actually, I didn’t (although I have some ideas, but I’m going to keep them secret for now, just like Google has.)  But I did find some fun videos on Google Video this morning.

  • Banned Visa Priceless Video: I saw this one a year ago and it holds up well. It’s racy, so don’t watch it if you are prude or against pre-pornography on the Internet (but, but, but – it’s on Google.)
  • Funny Cats: I had a cat once (ok – twice).  I remember the water in the bathtub thing.
  • Terry Tate the Office Linebacker: Terry – can you give Jason a call on Monday?  We’re hiring (in the California, not the Colorado, office.)

Time for a run.