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I Hate PowerPoint

Jan 02, 2006

As we start 2006, I thought it’d be fun to revisit my endless rant on PowerPoint as a hint and reminder to everyone that has to interact with me this year.

We start with The Torturous World of PowerPoint and Chris Wand’s list of questions to address if you are insisting on presenting a PowerPoint presentation pitching a company to me.  Seth Godin has a Special Bonus Tactic for Avoiding Really Bad PowerPoint in his book Free Prize InsideCliff Atkinson has a great blog on PowerPoint and a suggestion to simply Ban Bullets (or at least not read them to me if you insist on having them.)  Finally Ted Dolotta sent me a PowerPoint presentation that – if Lincoln had used – would have easily prolonged the Civil War by at least a decade.

Guy Kawasaki has a new blog and he starts with his own – very useful – rant on PowerPoint which he defines as the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint.  Based on what Guy has done in the past, his blog will definitely be worth following if you are an entrepreneur.