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Stratify’s Hockey Stick

Jan 26, 2006
Category Investments

It’s always really exciting when a portfolio company hits its inflection point and has a year of extreme growth.  All venture backed companies always predict their growth will follow a “hockey stick curve”, e.g.

 This of course is the exception, not the norm, for the vast majority of startups.  Stratify had its hockey stick in 2005 – by the end of the year we’d had over 400% growth off of a multi-million dollar base revenue from 2004.  While it’s easy to sit back and be delighted (or even a little stunned), there is no end in sight, which is a tribute to Ramana Venkata and his awesome team.

Stratify released v6.0 of their Legal Discovery Service this week.  If you are a corporate litigator or a company involved in litigation of any sort, you should explore working with Stratify.  Their hockey stick is not an accident – the software (and the company) they’ve created is extraordinary.