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Technorati Mini

Jan 16, 2006
Category Investments

I love it when I stumble upon new uses for features from companies that I’m an investor in.  This just happened with Technorati Mini.  While it’s a relatively new feature, I’ve known about it since inception and have played with it some.  However, I never really dug it until last week when my friends at FeedBurner say that they have it up on their screens all day when they make an announcement to see how it spreads throughout the blogosphere. 

Now – I have RSS feeds for all my companies set up as Technorati Watchlists so I see this info when I’m check FeedDemon.  However, there are times when you want to see this in real time.  Say – for example – when you want to see what people are saying about Jack Bauer prior to hours 3 and 4 today.  It’s really cool, especially if you have a three monitor setup.