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The VC and The Fisherman

Jan 09, 2006

Eric Norlin emailed me an old VC joke that I thought I’d start your day off with.  I put it in the category of “it’s an oldy, but a goody.”

A fisherman owns a boat and is running a nice fishing business with it. He meets a venture capitalist who promptly offers to invest in the man’s business.

Fisherman: “Why would I want you to invest?”

VC: “Well, with my capital you can buy a second boat and double the size of your business.”

Fisherman: “And why would I want to do that?”

VC: “Because eventually you’ll grow your business so large that you’ll end up selling it and making a big wad of cash.”

Fisherman: “You mean, so that I’ll be able to retire down here and buy a boat?”

Hopefully Aesop isn’t turning over in his grave.