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Yahoo! Ready Set …

Jan 06, 2006
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I came back from lunch to a bunch of posts on the new Yahoo! Go service.  I had 15 minutes before my next meeting – I figured I’d check it out.  Hi Terry – nice picture – but I’m a smart user and just want to get started.  Clicking on Get Started Now seems like the way to go.  Ah – a PC – I figure I’ll start there. 

The complete Yahoo! Go Desktop is coming soon but you can add life to your desktop now with Yahoo! Widgets.  Fun, stylish widgets that keep what’s important to you one click away.

Huh?  Nope – I don’t want Konfabulator (now fondly known as Yahoo! Widgets) – I already decided I didn’t like it when it was called Konfabulator.  Oh well – I’ll try the On Your TV thing. 

Yahoo! Go TV is coming soon and will be available for all Windows XP PCs. … Notify me when Yahoo! Go TV becomes available.

Well.  Ok.  How about On Your Mobile.

Yahoo! Go Mobile is available for download today on select Nokia Series 60 handsets.

Er, um, one handset type?

The next thing you know Google is going to be announcing that they are providing a free download of Symantec Norton Antivirus.