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Book Review: Just Say No To Microsoft

Feb 04, 2006
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Just Say No To Microsoft is a mandatory read if you fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. Someone who wants to switch from Microsoft-based software to something else.
  2. Someone who creates software that competes with Microsoft products.
  3. Every single Microsoft employee.

As you might expect, there’s plenty of snarky stuff in a book with a title of Just Say No To Microsoft.  However, it’s extremely well organized, technically deep while being accessible to mainstream computer users, and often very entertaining. 

I’m a long time Microsoft fan and supporter (many of the companies I’ve been involved in over the years – including my very first one – have benefited greatly from their relationship with Microsoft.)  I’ve also funded and been involved in numerous companies that either compete with Microsoft or have a distinct anti-Microsoft approach to the world.  I use a bunch of Windows-based PC’s (and a nifty new Xbox 360 on my desk at my office), but I also have a very nice Mac on my desk at home that I play around with.  I’ve never been much into religion (in this case, pro-Microsoft vs. anti-Microsoft), so I stay away from being aggressive about it, but try hard to understand all aspects of it. 

For the categories above, I recommend this book for different reasons:

  1. Microsoft Switchers: Quit talking about it – this book will help you figure out how to do it.
  2. Microsoft Competitors: This book will help you understand Microsoft’s weaknesses more clearly.
  3. Microsoft Employees: You want to know your weaknesses so you can do a better job, don’t you?

Today was a two book day.  Both were very good.  I’m pleasantly surprised.  I’ve had enough intellectual stimulation for the day – I’m going to go upstairs, lay on the couch, and watch The Running Man with Amy.