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Masquerading as Joseph Windaw of Windaw and Wallar Venture Capital

Feb 07, 2006
Category Books

As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Tom Evslin’s blook  Several weeks ago, I got on a conference call with Tom Evslin, Matt Blumberg, Kelly Evans, Stephanie Miller, and Fred Wilson and recorded a scene in the book.  Tom put it up on the hackoff site today in two segments: here and here.

I played Joseph Windaw of Windaw and Wallar Venture Capital, a very white shoe VC who has a lifetime pass to the Harvard Club.  As a jewish kid with a couple of degrees from MIT that wears sneakers, it was a tough role for me but Tom said I pulled it off fine.  The balance of the cast is described in detail on Tom’s post about the recording.

The production quality was surprisingly good considering we did it over Skype and cell phones.  I’ve suggested that we all hunker down for a three day weekend in New York and crank out the entire book in a real recording studio.