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Pages, Signon, and MyBook

Feb 23, 2006
Category Investments

I spent the requisite five minutes on Google Pages tonight now that I could actually log in.  I created a very simple page, just to see what it felt like.  I’ll poke around some more when I’m bored, but for now I still don’t get it.  I do, however, really like the Google single sign-on which seems to have automagically appeared.  My Google services are getting a little more tightly integrated which is a good thing.  Hopefully the spam bots won’t figure out the algorithm for determining gmail addresses from the Google Page address (duh – very easy – nah – wishful thinking.)

I also spent the requisite five minutes setting up MyBook on Judy’s Book.  This is my local blog for reviews.  While I can use Judy’s Book WOPM (write once publish many) technology to post these to my Feld Thoughts blog, I’m going to play around with separate sites and only selectively post extensive reviews to both places (the short ones – things like restaurants – will stay on Brad Feld’s MyBook only.)  Of course, when I do this, I’ll use Judy’s Book to write the review and then use the WOPM technology to automagically post to Feld Thoughts.