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HiveLive Invitations

Mar 09, 2006
Category Technology

We fund plenty of things that are ahead of their time.  Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose.  DoDots – a company started by John and George Kembal – was one of these that – unfortunately – turned into dust.  But – a fun Internet bubble quote came out of it that even Timothy Leary would like – “Anything you can do on the Web, you can do on a Dot.”  Plus, it was a hell of a lot easier to spell than Konfabulator.  Oh well.

John got married, went to grad school, moved to Boulder, and now has started a new companies called HiveLive.  I’ve been playing around with it a little – like DoDots – it has some beautiful UI stuff and is – in this case – is taking a new approach to information management (not surprisingly, all web based.)  It’s early, but John is now looking to expand the number of lead users to play around with it. 

He gave me 100 invites to pass around – if you like to play with things and give feedback – go for it.  Feel free to email John feedback or leave comments on this post.

I apparently wasn’t clear enough how to sign up for HiveLive as I’ve had several requests for invites.  Simply click here to create an account.  If it won’t let you, it means the 100 invites are used up.