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Microsoft Art Collection

Apr 08, 2006
Category Random

When I was at Microsoft last week, I once again noticed interesting art in the lobby of the buildings I was in.  I’ve always liked the art at Microsoft and enjoy the typical five minute wait in the lobby as the person I’m meeting with (or their assistant) comes down to escort me to the meeting.

This time I noticed a brochure titled Microsoft Art Collection: Redmond Campus: Spring 2006 Program.  I picked it up and looked through it.  While the brochure was informative, the link to the Microsoft Art Collection web site had piles of information on it. 

I’ve always loved being surrounded by art when I work.  If you’ve ever been to my office, my house, Newmerix’s office, the Nature Conservancy building in Boulder, or my family office, you’ve seen portion of my collection.  While I don’t have 4000+ pieces (like Microsoft), I’ve probably got enough pieces to put together a web site at this point.

The next time you are in a building at Microsoft, make sure you keep your eyes open in the lobby.