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Searching For An Electrical Outlet

Apr 03, 2006

As I settle in for an hour wait before my plane at the San Jose Airport (the United Terminal really needs a paint job and a good vacuuming), I’ve been pondering the complete lack of electrical outlets.  I can open up my laptop and immediately connect to the Internet (via my Verizon EVDO card – bypassing the nonsense of dealing with airport paid-WiFi).  However, I’ve got to scrounge around find an electrical outlet.

Of course, I could just run off my batteries, but since I’m on a two hour flight to Denver, I’d rather make sure I have a full charge.  Am I the only person that thinks it’s odd to be sitting in an airport full of an incredible amount of infrastructure, yet not be able to get electric juice?

I did find one – I’m the guy hunched over in the very corner next to the wall near the door at Gate C3B.