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Dr. Stanley Feld – Repairing the Healthcare Systems

May 15, 2006

My dad – Dr. Stanley Feld – just started a blog called Repairing the Healthcare System.  Stan – a retired endocrinologist – has been deeply involved in trying to improve the healthcare system throughout his entire career.  He just sent out a note to a bunch of his email friends with his goal for the blog.

I have started a blog. It is called Repairing the Healthcare System. It is my view that the patient and the physician are the major stakeholders in the health care system. Without either, there would be no need for a healthcare system. None the less, the physician and the patients have little input into the dysfunctional system. You are going to hear a physician’s view of what went wrong and how to fix it.

In the coming months, I plan to describe the problems we face today, how we got there, and the solution to the problems. I will also critique some of the disinformation as well as misinformation in the media.

My hope is to promote understanding of the problems, and to activate the consumer (patient) and physicians. I would like to see them step forward and help solve the problems. We, in the United States have the best Healthcare System in the world. However, it is getting more difficult to access, navigate or afford this care.

There is a simple, innovative way, divorced from politics and vested interests, to transform this increasingly complex system into a functioning system for all of our citizens.

It will take interest, participation, demanding, and innovation by healthy members of society to preserve the ability and capacity to care for the ill. I also hope some of the ideas will stimulate innovative ideas and economic opportunities for some of the readers of this blog.

If you have friends who might be interested in reading this blog please pass it on.

If you know my dad, you know he has strong and very insightful opinions, especially about healthcare.  If you are interested in hearing a doctor’s view of both the problem and the solution, take a look at his blog.  If you have an opinion (and who doesn’t!) weigh in and join the conversation.