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Glenn Hubbard for King of the Economic Galaxy

May 03, 2006

Glenn Hubbard, the Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, is an absolute riot.  By way of Ezra Roizen, I saw Hubbard’s renovation of Every Breath Bernanke Takes and Dean, Dean Baby!, economic / finance spoofs performed to the tunes of Every Breath You Take and Ice Ice Baby.  Sheer brilliance – the dean of every business school could learn something from this.  Schmalensee, when are you doing a video?

Update: Several people have told me that the person in the video that looks like Glenn Hubbard is not actually Glenn Hubbard.  Having taken a number of economics courses in my life, I’ve simply decided to “assume Glenn Hubbard” which I’m sure is something that Dean Hubbard would understand and be comfortable with.