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Josh Spear Is Helping Me Be Cool While I’m In Paris

May 10, 2006
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I met Josh Spear for the first time a few weeks ago at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Avant Garden fundraiser.  I’ve been an avid reader of his blog for a year or so in my endless effort to “be more cool” (something that I regularly fail miserably at according to Amy, although my new pair of Vans are helping.)

I immediately liked Josh (how could you not – he was wearing very cool gold sneakers).  We said our quick hellos, I clapped when he won one of the raffles, and I went back to reading his blog.  Yesterday he discovered that I was in Paris and immediately began to help me be more cool.  His suggestions (so far) which we’ll be sure to check out, include:

  • Colette at 213 rue Saint-Honore: It will blow your mind… this is where the nouveau rich, young and hip do there shopping.  They sell everything you could imagine… diamond encrusted PSP’s… the latest Vertu cell phones.. books, gifts, bags, clothes, shoes.. the list goes on.
  • Paris Restaurant: Caberet: 9pm lounge.  9:30pm nice modern French dinner.  10:30pm music volume increasing.  11:30pm music super loud.  midnight: candelabras begin to flash and the party begins, tables disappear, restaurant turns into a dance floor.  3am people dancing on the tables (that must have magically reappeared.)
  • Paris Restaurant: Kong at 1 Rue du Pont Neuf: Top two floors of the Louis Vuitton building.  Glass ceiling on the top floor.  Ultra hip, the chairs are the Invisible Louis XV Armchairs with eeire asian faces screen printed on the backs.  The walls are covered in plasma screens.  The food was delicious.

I’ve begun referring to Josh as Obi-Wan Spear.  Thank you Obi-Wan.