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Musee Rodin

May 23, 2006

Today’s Paris Art Tour is brought to you by “Rodin’s Very Own Personal Van Gogh.”

I woke up this morning, had an expresso (my very bad French for “really tiny, really strong coffee”), and started the day off with a meeting at Sofinnova Partners.  I then walked back through Place de la Concorde, across the Seine, and connected with Amy and our friend Ed Roberto on Saint Germain near Richart Chocolates (possibly the greatest chocolates in the world.)  Everything felt very familiar, which scared me a little bit.

We then walked over to the Musee Rodin and had a sculpturiforous time wandering around both the museum and the sculpture gardens.  I’m a big Rodin fan (I always wanted to say that – make sure you say it out loud with a proper french accent) and seeing “The Thinker” up front, live, and personal didn’t disappoint.

By the way, what do you call “The Thinker” from behind?

“The Stinker.”  I’ve uploaded a bunch more photographs to Flickr in case you want a longer look.