Brad Feld

Month: May 2006

Rick Stratton sent me a picture of the original Treadputer today.

I guess I need to go on eBay and find myself a Super Nintendo and a Power Pad just so I can have some variety in my workouts.

I haven’t been promoting my portfolio companies much on my blog lately, but I’ve had a few companies go nonlinear on me in the last quarter (think rapidly upward sloping exponential growth curve) and I felt like brogging about one of them this morning.

StillSecure has recently closed several major deals, including one with Extreme Networks that was announced today

Extreme just partnered with StillSecure to create Extreme’s new Sentriant Access Guard product – an agent-less end-point security product that is tightly integrated with Extreme’s core products.  Sentriant Access Guard is based on StillSecure’s Safe Access product, which was recently awarded the Best Endpoint Security Solution by SC Magazine.

As an investor, I’ve had great success with partnerships between established companies and the young startup companies that I’ve invested in.  StillSecure’s partnership with Extreme is StillSecure’s third deal like this in recent months – joining relationships with IdentiPHI and Senforce.