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Running In Munich

May 16, 2006
Category Random

I had a superb run this morning through the English Garden in Munich.  This is only the second time I’ve ever been in Munich – the first time was with my friend Bruce over 20 years ago.  While it was cloudy, it was a lovely morning, the park was fresh, green, and hidden from the city, and there were some wackadoodle surfers practicing in the small river under a bridge with a water pipe.  I discovered the incredible value of the map function of my new Garmin Forerunner 305 – without it I would have been lost in the park and would have never been able to find my way back, especially since none of the signs made any sense to me except the ones that said “GaragePark” which weren’t of much use and I forgot to leave myself a trail of bread crumbs.

BoingBoing has noticed that something weird is going on with the clock on 24.  Rick Stratton asked me – with regard to my post that the first 25,000 users are irrelevant, whether I was referring to “free, ad-based ‘consumer’ web services” or did I also lump paying enterprise web services users into the mix.  Nice catch Rick – I only meant the free consumer ones (e.g. my portfolio company Rally Software has less than 25,000 individual users, but ever one of them is very relevant, especially since we get paid for each one each month.)  Finally, Tali Aben saved me 58 minutes by blogging a great summary of a breakfast “fireside chat” with Bruce Chizen, the CEO of Adobe.

Time to go have breakfast.  If I remember correctly, I’ll be presented with a buffet full of meat and sausage choices, surrounded by cheeses.