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Watching 24 in Paris

May 10, 2006

Amy and I just watched Monday’s 24.  Oooh was it good.  Since I haven’t figured out how to work the TV here in Paris and I’m not sure if / when 24 Season 5 is on over here anyway, I had to do some work to watch things.

I started of trying my Slingbox, which I love.  However, when I fired it up to watch 24, I got the following message from my Tivo.

Yup – my Tivo crashed.  We installed a new bitching Sonos system for our music a few weeks ago and I got this crash one other time – I guess the Sonos hardware is kicking off too much heat.  Since we’ve been gone since Sunday, I have no idea when this happened, but I decided to assume that it crashed before Monday and subsequently didn’t record 24.  Plus, I was tired of waiting to watch 24 – I needed to watch it tonight.

Since I’m already paying for getting Fox via my DirecTV account, and since I’m a complete 24 addict, I decided that it’d be hard to accuse me of stealing a TV show if I simply downloaded it to watch on my laptop (although I’m sure someone could try – if someone from Fox wants my $1.99, go ahead and email me.)  Apparently, I can now download these for $1.99 from the iTunes Music Store, but I’ve heard rumors that the quality and DRM experience stinks. So, 380mb (and about a half hour) later we sat down in front of my laptop and enjoyed a delicious 44 minutes of 24.