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Term Sheet: Compelled Sale Right

Jun 19, 2006
Category Term Sheet

Every now and then I run into a new VC term in a term sheet that I’ve never seen before. My legs tremble with excitement as I stare at the words to dissect what they mean.  On Friday, a long time friend sent me the following new and exciting term.

Compelled Sale Right: So long as VC (together with its permitted transferees) continues to hold at least 10% of the outstanding common shares (on an as-converted basis), and so long as an IPO has not been completed, then, at any time from and after the seventh anniversary of the transaction, if VC or the Company shall receive a bona fide offer from an unaffiliated third party to purchase 100% of the equity of the Company, VC shall have the right to cause each other stockholder to sell such stockholder’s equity securities on the same terms and conditions applicable to VC.

My first reaction was “what the fuck?”  My second reaction was “eh – this is just a different twist on redemption rights.”  But – then I thought about it some more and thought “you’ve got to be kidding me!”

So – after seven years, if there hasn’t been a liquidity event, a VC that owns at least 10% of the company can force all the other shareholders to sell their shares to an unaffiliated third party.  Read it slowly and think about it.  Basically, this term gives a minority shareholder the right to sell the company after 7 years, with no input from any other shareholders.

Be forewarned – this is not a nice term.