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What Do You Do?

Jun 22, 2006

Yesterday was my 13th wedding anniversary.  Amy and I went out to dinner at the Flagstaff House with Seth and Greeley who were celebrating their 3rd anniversary.  We had a wonderful time – I wouldn’t trade the last 13 years with Amy for anything (and I suspect Seth and Greeley feel the same way about each other.)

We spent a lot of time talking about how satisfied we are with our respective existences on this planet.  It’s a huge pleasure to be able to sit quietly at a nice dinner, looking out over one of the most beautiful views of any city that I’ve ever seen (Boulder from the top of Flagstaff is special), and enjoy the company of a few of the special people in my life. 

At some point in the conversation, we started discussing the ever present “introduction” question that comes up often, which is “What Do You Do?”

We decided the best answer – inspired by one of Amy’s friends – is “I’m Happy.”