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I Love My Sidekick 3

Jul 11, 2006
Category Investments

My partner Greg Galanos led the first round investment in Danger, the company that makes the T-Mobile Sidekick.  I’ve loved it since the day the Sidekick 1 came out and – over the past five years – have tried pretty much every other mobile / data device and always come back to my Sidekick.

I got my Sidekick 3 a few days before heading to Alaska.  I didn’t expect it to work up here (my Sidekick 2 didn’t work last summer – T-Mobile’s service wasn’t strong enough.)  Imagine my surprise when I showed up and it worked perfectly.  I’ve had two weeks of it now and it is a simply awesome product.

Greg pointed me to a great review of the Sidekick 3 on the site.  The author totally nails why this is such a great product.  The brilliance of the company has been that they’ve known their demographic and stuck to it (hint – I’m not in the demographic.)  Amazingly, with each interation, the product adds more distance from the alternatives.

After several years of trying to explain to people the difference between a Sidekick and a Blackberry, I finally settled on a straightforward analogy.  Sidekick: Blackberry = Mac:Windows.  That kind of says it all.