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Photos From The New West

Jul 02, 2006
Category Places

As I sit in the Anchorage airport waiting for my flight to Homer, I was missing Colorado a little.  Of course, it didn’t help that I’ve been sitting for the past hour in the middle of a romper room (I count 10 kids running around screaming at each other with parents who couldn’t appear to care less, except for the one yelling at his kid to “shut up and stop crying.”)  As someone sitting next to us on our flight the other day from Denver to Seattle said after having a third bag dropped on his head “it’s a holiday weekend and the amateurs are out in force.”

I remembered that New West Network has put up a new photo gallery so I went and took a look.  Awesome stuff, even over EVDO.  I dug around a little more and found a Flickr group titled NewWest.Net — Voice of the Rocky Mountains – I’ve joined and now will have a steady stream of Colorado / Rocky Mountain photos coming my way.  I promise that – in return – I’ll send you some nice Alaska photos over the next few weeks.