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Updating Computers

Jul 03, 2006
Category Technology

I’ve been in Homer for 24 hours and my desktop computer – which I turned on for the first time in 10 months yesterday – is still downloading software, updating itself, and rebooting.  I caught a note by Alex King about the same issue (he’s only been away from his PC for two weeks.)  I’ve got four desktops (Eldorado Springs, Homer, Office, and Treadputer) that have “identical configurations.”  It’s remarkable how much “updating” is going on to this one, and I’ll still only have current versions of the software on it – my configuration is far from the same as my other three machines (which are pretty close, but each have their own special software quirks.) 

The worst part of this is figuring out what special configs I need for certain things that I depend on all day long.  Fortunately I have my laptop with me to help figuring things out.  It seems like there should be a simple way to keep all your computers “in sync” – there used to be this briefcase thing, right?  Yeah yeah, I know, switch to a Mac and use .Mac.

Oops – Adobe is telling me “Your system must be restarted to continue this update.  Click the Reboot Now button to reboot your computer…”  Time to go.