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Ben Casnocha’s Review of Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons

Aug 11, 2006
Category Books

I usually enjoy Tom Wolfe.  I remember reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test when I was in junior high and thinking something akin to “far out.”  I loved I Am Charlotte Simmons, especially Wolfe’s extraordinary detailed characters and complete mastery of the word fuck.

I never got around to reviewing I Am Charlotte Simmons but Ben Casnocha did today.  Ben is a recent high school graduate, a close friend, and an amazingly articulate guy.  His review of the book was as good as the book.  If you are in high school, recently started college, or a parent of either of the preceding categories of kids, this is likely to be a wildly interesting book for you to read.  If you simply love the incredible characters and storytelling of Tom Wolfe when he’s really on, you’ll also love it.