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Book: A Day In The Life

Aug 13, 2006

I returned home to Boulder today to a stack of books I’d ordered in the spring about the TV show 24.  There are a pile of them out now – some are additional episodes in print such as 24 Declassified: Operation Hell Gate while others are critical analysis of various seasons.  As I laid on my couch trying to recover from the red eye from Anchorage while simultaneously adjusting to being at 6000 feet, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time reading A Day In The Life.  Keith Topping – a british writer – covered Season 1 in great detail along with his often very entertaining wit (e.g. many chapters have a section called “Points at Which [Teri / Kim] Needs a Slap” as well as a section titled “Logic, Let Me Introduce You to This Window.”)  I was beginning to feel a little 24 withdrawal – between A Day In The Life and the other seven books waiting for me, I think I’ll be fine until January.