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Colorado Governor Race 2006 – Technology Community Forum

Aug 05, 2006
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As we shift into full gear for the 2006 election cycle, I’ve teamed up with TiE-Rockies, VisiTechPR, Jack Tankersley (Meritage Funds), the Bill Ritter (Colorado Democrat Governor Candidate) campaign, and the Bob Beauprez (Colorado Republican Governor Candidate) campaign to put on a Technology Community Forum.

As a state, Colorado has the highest number of technology workers per capita.  As a result, the health of the Colorado technology industry is an important issue to consider in the 2006 election for Governor.  I believe that it’s important to explore where each candidate stands and what their thoughts and plans are for our state government’s involvement in the high tech community.

Jack Tankersley – who is a friend, co-investor in a few companies, and one of the founders of the Colorado venture capital community – is a Beauprez supporter.  I’m a Ritter supporter.  We intend to jointly facilitate a discussion that covers a range of issues and gives each candidate an opportunity to clearly express his point of view as well as respond to questions. 

The event is being held on September 8th at the Brown Palace from 11am to 1pm.  We’ll have limited space for attendees – some by invite only (CEO’s of Colorado tech companies) and some open to the community.  Feel free to email me if you want to be put on the invite list.  I’m planning to do a podcast of the event for folks that are interested and can’t attend.