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North Pole Marathon Sponsor – Pixie Mate

Aug 25, 2006
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I’ve started to round up sponsors for my North Pole Marathon run.  The first one is Pixie Mate, a local Boulder company that makes an awesome specialty drink based on Mate – a South American tea that’s loaded with antioxidants as well as more fun loving caffeine than tea (but less than coffee). 

I met with the founders – T.J. McIntyre (a swimmer) and Duane Primozich (a runner) in their office above Rudi’s near Hwy 36 and Table Mesa.  They’ve got a rocking business going – powered by a bunch of Mate drinks.  I’m been enjoying various flavors of Mate’s for the past few days and am hooked.

We’ve got some fun stuff planned together, including providing a bunch of Mate for the race participants (I wonder if I’ll be the first person to ever drink a Mate Latte at the North Pole?)